Current Situation

COVID-19 is threatening lives and livelihoods

Universal stay-at-home policies save lives. But with countries accounting for more than half of global GDP under lockdown the economic impact will be  severe.   

As many as 1.25 Billion jobs are at risk of being cut, or furloughed and economists at Goldman Sachs expect the unemployment rate to reach levels not seen since the last century. 

impact on lives & livelihoods
confirmed cases
jobs at risk
> US$ 7 tn
global stimulus

“Universal stay-at-home is the most devastating economic force in modern history. It is man-made. It very suddenly reverses the gains of underprivileged groups, kills and creates drug addicts, beats and terrorizes women and children in violent now-jobless households, and more. It bleeds deep anguish and suicide.

Dr. Michael Burry, April 7, 2020

How can we save lives and protect livelihoods?

Test, Test, Test.

In accordance with WHO recommendations, sovereign nations and large multi-national institutions with large populations of at-risk employees, can implement broad based population screening and preventative disease control programs.

Get the data.

Data collected from broad  based population screening must be carefully and deliberately managed and controlled so it can be used to fight infection and disease, without infringing on the rights and the privacy of it's people. 

If you can measure it you can manage it.

Provide individuals with the tools they need to manage and control their individual risk and to get back to work sooner and safer. 

Leaders around the world are calling for a solution

“Test, test, test. All countries should be able to test all suspected cases, they cannot fight this pandemic blindfolded."
Tedros Adhanom
Ghebreyesus - Head of the WHO

"For the next wave we must use the precision scalpel of mass testing"

Jeremy Hunt - Former Health Secretary for the UK

"We need to be able to track, trace and isolate this disease.”

The Hon. Roger Cook MLA - Minister for Healthcare Western Australia


SysteMedic can save lives and livelihoods

SysteMedic is a simple solution designed to save lives, and keep people working.

Our decentralised blockchain based technology is designed to securely manage the trade offs between lives and livelihoods. It helps individuals to manage their risk of exposure, protecting themselves, their workplaces and their communities.

The platform enables broad based population screening, providing healthcare professionals, industry, and sovereign nations with tools required to surgically track, trace, isolate and eliminate disease.  

Stakeholder Benefits

Actionable and personalised data in the palm of your hand to help you take back your civil liberties with your personalised freedom pass. Your data is 100% private, safe, and secure on the blockchain so you can feel good about saving lives and protecting livelihoods.

Healthcare Workers

Whether in the hospital, primary care or industry setting, SysteMedic offers a handheld case management solution to assist healthcare workers with the administration and data capture for COVID-19 screening programs. The app features configurable workflows and alerts to support specific testing protocols and isolation procedures. 


SysteMedic can derisk your workforce screening programs and provide transparency to governing bodies whilst keeping data private and secure. Real-time reporting and contact tracing functionality can assist CMOs and H&S leaders to effectively manage cases and follow up actions. Aggregated geo and team based reporting assists leaders in making key workforce decisions.

Clinical Research Organisations

Access to a reliable source of COVID screening data to support epidemiological studies and assist in validating testing methodologies and protocols. 

Governments & Health Departments

A secure and decentralised tool to support the deployment of large scale COVID-19 passive and sentinel screening programs. SysteMedic offers access to real-time and reliable data sources to inform critical decisions regarding lives and livelihoods. 

The platform provides the precision tools required to manage the threat of COVID-19 across populations, and support 'track, trace, isolate' and suppression of COVID-19. 

Our offerings

Screening & technology solutions

Systemedic Screening strategies & solutions

Our international medical advisors will work with you to design screening protocols and strategies that meet your objectives.

  • Diagnostic testing in patients with acute symptoms
  • Non-acute population screening to understand the extent of community transmission and epidemiology of the disease
  • Identifying individuals who have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and developed an antibody response 

Screening solutions and strategies to support your requirements in line with local regulatory and public health guidelines. 

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Systemedic Covid-19 management platform

Intuitive mobile and web applications designed to connect people, healthcare, enterprise and Sovereign Nations in the fight against COVID-19.

  • Freedom Pass: A 100% private, 100% trustworthy tool for people, to proactively manage their disease threat and stay informed.
    Adhering to approved screening and testing strategies
    COVID-19 confirmed and under active management
    Antibody certificate for recovered or vaccinated* people
  • Pandemic Defence System: For Enterprise, health authorities and sovereign nations to support contact tracing, resource allocation and to be prepared for the next wave
  • Case Manager: For front line workers, to manage your exposure, track and manage cases.
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How it works

For People

  • Personalised HealthPassport so users can proactively manage and control their risk of having COVID-19.
  • Access to actionable advice based on user's risk rating
  • Individual QR code to improve testing procedures.
  • View upcoming events such as scheduled assessments or tests
  • Assess risk of having COVID-19 by completing a 5 minute self assessment form
  • Dynamic risk rating based on assessments
  • Historical timeline of all risk management interventions
  • Ability to drill down into intervention to see specifics
  • High risk intervention identification
How it works

For Healthcare Providers

  • Automated triage workflows in accordance with agreed protocols
  • QR code scanner for quick & easy patient identification
  • Patient HealthPassport summary card
  • Test identification field for improved testing data
  • Guided test instructions to facilitate accurate testing
  • Test results input fields
  • Image capture of completed test for verification & compliance obligations
How it works

For Governments

  • Interactive city view to monitor patients, potential outbreaks and hotspots
  • Patient tracking to aid in contact tracing
  • Timeline of significant places the patient has visited prior to infection
  • List of people that were in close proximity to the patient prior to infection
  • Notification warning that a patient has tested positive to COVID-19 with their latest location.
  • Summary MyHealthPass of the patient
  • Latest risk interventions undertaken by the patient
  • Action panel to facilitate COVID-19 management protocols
  • Notification functionality to inform people that were in close proximity to the positive patient
  • Personalised message functionality to provide advice and guidance to the patient

SysteMedic Team

Rowan Fenn
Director SysteMedic & Founder
Amelia Thornycroft
Director SysteMedic & Founder i-screen
Dr Raj Joshi
Medical Director Systemedic & i-Screen
David Barker
Chief Solution Architect Founder
Captain Walter Purio
Director SysteMedic & Non-Executive Director
Tony Brooks
Corporate & Government Relations & CEO Altegra
Simon Aboud
Europe Lead & CEO goiKid Consulting

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